Fight A Mixed Reality Mech In Saber City, Coming To Quest & iPhone

Turn your living room into a mixed reality arena with this unique VR/AR experience.

This week we caught our first glimpse of Saber City, an upcoming VR game for Quest that utilizes Passthrough technology to immerse players in a mixed reality arena. Here they’ll use a variety of weaponry to battle virtual mechs controlled in AR using a compatible iPhone device.

Based on the footage provided, the game appears to be in the very early stages of development. Still, what we’ve seen so far looks incredibly entertaining. In a video shared on Reddit, we see two players using the Quest 2 to fight a large mech using a combination of blasters and swords. Meanwhile, a third user controls the mechanical monstrosity using an iPhone.

According to the project’s creator, Yarwad, the game will be available exclusively on the Meta Quest and iPhone devices to start. Support for PC VR headsets and Android devices may eventually be included as stretch goals. For more information, you can sign up for notifications about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Image Credit: Yarwad

Personally, I can’t wait to see more mixed reality experiences make their way to XR hardware. Last year, Meta unveiled its Presence Platform which includes a wide range of unique mixed reality environments, interactions, and voice experiences. Since then we’ve seen several unique experiences make use of this exciting technology, such as a mixed reality stargazing lounge.

With Meta’s highly-anticipated XR headset, Project Cambria, expected to arrive sometime this year, we could be entering the golden age of mixed reality. According to the company, Project Cambria is not a replacement for the Quest 2, but rather the first entry in a new line of XR hardware.

Feature Image Credit: Yarwad

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