Fender Launches Music Metaverse Shaped Like A Giant Guitar

BMW is also getting in on the action with its own VR world with drivable MINI Coopers.

American instrument manufacturer Fender has partnered with Meta (formerly Facebook) to launch the Fender Stratoverse, a VR world dedicated to all things music.

Built inside Horizon Worlds, Meta’s social VR metaverse, visitors can explore a guitar-shaped island complete with a handful of interactive games and activities. As you explore the neck, body, and headstock of the island, you’ll discover unique sounds to collect. These audio bites can also be unlocked by completing specific activities, including an air guitar challenge, pick-tossing game, or guitar trivia competition.

Once you’ve reached the main part of the island, you can use the sounds you’ve acquired throughout the scavenger hunt to create your own unique melodies via the Riff Maker.

“Once a pick is unlocked, the player takes it down to the main island where they can place it in one of the 12 spots in the Riff Maker to add their sound to the customisable looping riff,” explained Fender. “Completing the scavenger hunt unlocks customisable wearables as well as a promo word reveal to a Fender Stratosphere playlist.”

“We could not be more pleased to have been invited by Meta to bring Fender into the Metaverse for the first time,” added Evan Jones, CMO at Fender. “As a brand we are committed to enabling all forms of musical expression and are thrilled by the potential this technology has to allow Fender fans and creators to come together, play, and create across borders, cultures, and from any distance.

Interestingly enough, the Stratoverse wasn’t the only metaverse experience announced at Cannes Lion, an international festival for those working in advertising and creative communications. During the event, BMW Group revealed its own VR world built inside Horizon Worlds called the MINIverse. Here visitors can drive virtual MINI Coopers around a virtual course.

The Stratoverse and MINIverse are open to the public right now via Horizon Worlds, which is available for download free on Meta Quest 2 VR headsets via the Quest Store.

Over the past several months, Meta has partnered with a number of major brands looking to expand into the metaverse. This past May the company teamed up with the National Basketball Association to launch an NBA Lane experience in Horizon Worlds. Prior to that the American fast-food chain Wendy’s announced the Wendysverse, a virtual restaurant in Horizon Worlds complete with games and prizes.

Image Credit: Fender

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