Featured 360: VR Beatboxing, Rain or Shine, and Iguana vs Snakes

Featured 360° is an ongoing series to highlight some of our favorite videos from creators and brands for you to enjoy during the week. For this first installment of Featured 360°, we are highlighting a must-see quick-cut beatboxing video, a new short dropped from Google Spotlight Stories, and a behind-the-scenes of the internet’s favorite Iguana vs. Snakes.

Reeps One: Does not Exist

“Does Not Exist drops you into the center of Reeps One’s first virtual reality Beatbox performance – exploring the latest technology for VR and head-tracked 3D spatial audio.”

Composed, recorded and shot in just one week, Does Not Exist is one of the best examples out there that shows how spacial audio in VR can make music videos so immersive. I got to try this piece at Kaleidoscope‘s LA summer showcase wearing a SubPac, that made me feel every frequency of the beatboxing on my body. Even without the SubPac, this piece is as immersive and beautifully shot packed with creative quick cuts.

360 Google Spotlight Story: Rain or Shine

“It’s a perfect summer day in London; the sun is shining, the birds are singing, there’s a spring in everybody’s step, and Ella is determined to wear her new sunglasses. What could possibly go wrong?”

We can really see why the Spotlight Story team at Google takes their time when releasing 360 videos. A great story with beautiful character design and animation, this short is definitely a family friendly 360 video to let your loved ones experience over the holidays.

Filming Iguana vs Snakes – Behind the Scenes 360° – Planet Earth II

“Join the Planet Earth II crew in one of the most pristine places in the world, the Galapagos islands. The team are here to capture snakes hunting marine iguanas, but there’s plenty more to see in 360.”

We’ve all had moments watching Planet Earth thinking to ourselves, how the hell did they capture that? Well, BBC has been posting 360 videos showing exactly how the crew prepares for these shots. Go behind the scenes of the viral baby iguana vs snake sequence, mysterious Snow Leopards and even sit in the middle of a recording session with Hans Zimmer to immerse yourself in the incredible sounds of Planet Earth II.


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