Featured 360°: Giant Sequoias, Hulu and Sunrises from around the Globe

Featured 360° is an ongoing series to highlight some of our favorite videos from creators and brands for you to enjoy during the week. For this week’s installment of Featured 360°, climb giant Sequoia trees,  take a starring role in the first 360 sketch comedy and enjoy sunrises from the the world. 

Climbing Giants

“Immerse yourself in this spectacular 360° footage and climb to the top of the biggest trees on Earth.”

Ever wondered what it’s like to climb giant trees as your job? Immerse yourself in the magical Redwoods as you get an opportunity to experience how mesmerizingly big these trees actually are. Fear of heights? No problem! National Geographic will guide you to the crown of a huge Sequoia tree in this beautiful 360° masterpiece from the comfort of your home.

Virtually Mike & Nora

“Welcome to the first sketch comedy series in virtual reality, where you play a starring role. Co-created, written and directed by Nora Kirkpatrick and Mike O’Brien, this series pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in narrative virtual reality. “

Take a step inside the first ever virtual reality comedy series to air on a major network (Hulu)! Shot using the Nokia Ozo, Virtually Mike and Nora explore how narrative 360° storytelling can push boundaries. Kirkpatrick and O’Brien let you become a character as an omnipresent viewer enabling you to become a necessary part of the humor. Watch Episode One of Virtually Mike & Nora now by downloading the Hulu VR app on Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Playstation VR, or Google Daydream.

Daybreak Around the World

“Happy New Year from The Daily 360 team, click and drag the video or move your phone around to follow sunrises around the world with us.”

You don’t have to wake up at dawn to watch the sunrise. Take a look at this gorgeous video captured by NYT journalists from around the world showing sunrises from 7 different countries. What better way to meditate and self reflect on the new year than to sit back and enjoy the quiet morning hours from the gate of India in Mumbai to the Hollywood sign in LA.

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