Featured 360°: Civil War, YSL and Solitary Confinement

Featured 360° is an ongoing series to highlight some of our favorite videos from creators and brands for you to enjoy. For this week’s installment of Featured 360°, soar above Paris, attempt a daredevil stunt with the gang and step into solitary confinement at the in Maine State Prison.

MON PARIS Yves Saint Laurent – Love Vertigo 360

“Marc Guillaumin and Anonymous take us soaring through the air to discover the new Yves Saint-Laurent fragrance “Mon Paris” during sunset from the roof of the Opéra de Paris.”

YSL makes clever use of Paris’s reputation as the city of lovers, giving viewers a firsthand experience of a vertigo-inducing romantic tale. As the camera speeds through Paris creating a feeling of a fast paced love affair, the viewer gets a glimpse of what it’s like to be head over heels in love. Step inside of a carefree romance as YSL takes you on a beautiful tour with the spirit of Paris.


“MY BROTHER’S KEEPER is a Civil War narrative that pushes the boundaries of immersive storytelling while remaining anchored in historical fact. It is inspired by the PBS drama series MERCY STREET.”

This 360° video tells the story of two estranged brothers who, fighting on opposing sides of the Civil War, unexpectedly reunite on the battlefield at Antietam. The 10-minute long piece debuted at “VR on the Mountain” during the 2017 Sundance Film Festival and was nominated in the Best Live Action VR category at the Lumiere awards. Whether it’s cutting edge visual effects or compelling 360° storytelling you’re looking for, this cinematic VR experience brings a pivotal period of American history to life.


“Go inside the Maine State Prison to hear the harrowing story of Kenny’s time in solitary – how he coped, “fished” contraband to other inmates and fought guards during cell extractions – and what happened when he got out.”

FRONTLINE  and Emblematic Group have teamed up to create a powerful experience telling the story of Kenny Moore who recounts his time in solitary confinement. The experience uses photogrammetry and volumetric video capture to let viewers walk around the cell with Moore in an experience that could have you feeling slightly claustrophobic.

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