FandangoNow Brings 90,000 Movies And TV Shows To Oculus Quest And Go

Dedicated Fandango VR app now available on Oculus standalone headsets.

Day One of Oculus Connect 6 in San Jose, CA featured a bunch of exciting announcements for both the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S headsets. Hidden within this pile of breaking news was the launch of FandangoNow, a dedicated VR app for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Go.

Earlier today, FandangoNow went live for all Oculus standalone headsets, allowing you to rent, buy or stream over 90,000 movies, TV shows, movie trailers, and indie projects from numerous high-profile studios. On top of standard movies and shows, you’ll also have access to hundreds of 3D films, such as Marvel and SONY’s Spiderman: Far From Home.

Image Credit: Sony, Marvel

In an official press release, Fandango president Paul Yanover said, “We are constantly looking for innovative ways to deliver high-quality entertainment to movie and TV fans on pioneering platforms.”

FandangoNow’s new partnership with Oculus opens up new and exciting opportunities for people to explore, discover, and immerse themselves into major studio content.

“We know how much people love experiencing media in VR,” said Oculus head of media, Colum Slevin, adding, “The immersive nature of VR along with the extensive catalog of 3D and traditional films coming with FandangoNow is a winning combination.”

Image Credit: Fandango

In addition to having access to a massive amount of movie and TV entertainment, Facebook is also making it easier for creatives to publish their own VR content to the headset with user-friendly tools along with access to background data, such as stats on views and downloads.

FandangoNow is available, well, now on your Oculus Go and Quest VR headsets. The app will soon be absorbed into Oculus’ revamped TV app which is now conveniently located on the Oculus home screen.

Feature Image Credit: Fandango

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