Facebook Brings More VR to News Feed With ‘3D Posts’

Today has been a big day at Oculus Connect 4, Facebook’s VR industry conference. In addition to a $199 Oculus Go standalone headset, the social media giant announced major updates to Facebook Spaces (including 360° live-streaming and the integration of Quill) and Oculus Home (a “Minority Report-like interface” via Rift Core 2.0 and Dash).

Now, there’s another major announcement from the company: 3D Posts, which allow users to post 3D objects directly to their news feeds.

As with the other announcements, 3D Posts will upgrade the in-VR experience and viewing capacities for desktop/mobile audiences. Creators working in Oculus Medium or Spaces (via marker drawings) can export their work directly to the News Feed in full 3D. On flat screens, users can drag around the object.

Users who view these through a headset will be able to see these as native VR objects. Furthermore, users will be able to bring these 3D objects from News Feed into Facebook Spaces for continued creation, collaboration, and all-around fun.

In an Oculus announcement post, Facebook Head of Social VR Rachel Franklin also promised support for “more VR content types,” so we imagine it’s not going to be long at all before we’re seeing 3D and VR content regularly in our feeds.

Stay tuned for more updates from OC4.

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Jesse Damiani

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