Facebook (Meta) Is Buying VR Fitness App ‘Supernatural’

Facebook Connect may be over but the news keeps on rolling in.

Facebook—now called Meta—is purchasing WITHIN, developer of the popular VR fitness platform Supernatural. This marks the latest in a series of major acquisitions by the company.

Released exclusively on Oculus Quest in April of 2020, Supernatural has established itself as one of the most prominent fitness experiences available on VR headsets. The platform offers users an expansive catalog of cardio-based workouts led by a team of professional fitness instructors. Similar to VR rhythm games such as Beat Saber, users are tasked with using a pair of virtual bats to destroy oncoming targets to the beat of a thumping soundtrack. Each workout is led by a virtual coach there to help guide you through the session.

Supernatural sets itself apart from competing VR fitness platforms thanks to its unique subscription-based service model. Instead of paying a flat rate upfront, users instead pay a monthly/annual subscription fee which allows them access to a massive catalog of VR workouts. New classes are added on a daily basis, offering a regular stream of content.

“We are excited because our partnership with Meta means we will have more resources to expand and bring you even more music, more creative ways to workout, more features, and more social experiences for VR. And of course, we will still be launching new workouts every single day,” said Within CEO Chris Milk and Head of Fitness Leanne Pedante in an official blog post.

Image Credit: Within

“Our team will be working hard in the coming months and years dreaming up the future of fitness and making it a reality, and we want you all to be a part of it! Look forward to surveys and ways to make your voice heard as we grow.”

This past August, the platform introduced meditation coaching, offering users new types of mental exercises. This was followed by the launch of private boxing classes earlier this week.

For more information on the acquisition visit here.

Feature Image Credit: WITHIN

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