Facebook XR Branding Spotted In The Wild Ahead Of Facebook Connect

A sleek new logo for a post-Oculus company.

With Facebook Connect—previously Oculus Connect 7—just around the corner, hardcore fans are scouring every inch of the web in search of any and every update regarding the highly-anticipated developer conference.

While not a jaw-dropping leak per se, earlier this morning one mysterious individual treated us to an early look at some fresh Facebook branding, further revealing the company’s ongoing push away from the Oculus name. The photo appears to showcase a redesigned logo for Facebook Reality Lab, the companies recently renamed AR & VR research division.

Today’s leaked image is further legitimized by original design concepts shared by visual artist James White back in 2019. With Facebook having already confirmed their shift away from Oculus branding—going so far as to relabel their annual developer conference and immersive technology division—it makes sense that the company would like future branding to reflect this change.

As for what’s actually in the box, the skies this limit! Recently leaked images appear to confirm the existence of an Oculus Quest follow-up; there’s also the company’s Facebook AR headset, though it’s highly unlikely we’ll be receiving any major news so early on in its development.

Image Credit: James White

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