Eye-Tracking Headset FOVE 0 Specs & Pre-Order Date

Pre-orders for the FOVE 0 head-mounted display begin November 2nd.

Originally labeled just FOVE, the FOVE 0 (yeah now we’re talking) has been making waves in the virtual reality community due in large part to its unique built-in eye-tracking technology. People have been drooling over the device, clamouring for any information regarding its internal components or release date. Well wonder no more as FOVE Inc. has not only dropped an official pre-order date of November 2nd 2016, but full system specs as well.


It should be noted that this device is still technically in development so these specs could be subject to change. Now that we got that out of the way let’s see what we’re working with!


If you’re still itching for some more information, you won’t have to wait long. FOVE 0 is at the Tokyo Game Show right now flaunting three of its new titles: Judgement, Functions and Project Falcon. Each of these games utilize eye-tracking technology, making them the perfect sample platter to show-off the FOVE 0’s unique abilities.

While the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and upcoming PSVR are considered the ‘big three’ of modern virtual reality, the head-mounted display market is still the metaphorical wild west. This means lesser-known manufacturers still have a solid shot at getting their experimental technology noticed by the public. With all the features and functionality the FOVE 0 boasts, it’ll be extremely exciting to see how far this headset will go in terms of mainstream popularity.

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