Explore All Seven Continents in VR With Discovery’s ‘TRVLR’

Google and Discovery expand the Discovery VR app with new VR travel series.

Since launching August 2015, the Discovery VR app has accumulated over four million downloads and 123 million organic views. Now if those sound like impressive numbers to you, that’s probably because they are. But of course Discovery, being the endlessly ambitious group that they are, is now expanding their already flush catalog of immersive content with a new first-of-its-kind VR series.

Discovery TRVLR is a brand new 360° storytelling series that takes you across the globe to visit fascinating locals such as “the Guru,” “the Renegade,” “the Entertainer” and “the Explorer,” who will regale their cultures historic traditions and unique rituals. Over the course of 38 episodes spread throughout seven chapters, you will travel throughout North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and Antarctica in the first virtual reality series to cover all seven continents. Each experience opens with a stunning sunset from the location being covered in that particular episode and closes with a gorgeous sunset.

“Discovery’s viewers look to us for innovation and expect to be taken places that satisfy their desire for exploration and adventure,” said Rebecca Howard, SVP Emerging Platforms and Partnerships, Discovery VR. “Like Discovery, Google’s VR team shares a passion for VR storytelling and we are thrilled to partner with them on ‘Discovery TRVLR,’ our most ambitious endeavor to date.”

Discovery TRVLR’s first chapter drops November 3rd exclusively on YouTube, Discovery VR and the Discovery VR app. You can view the action in VR using the Google Daydream View headset and Google Cardboard, or on the web via Android and iPhone devices.

The series was written and directed by Addison O’Dea and produced by NYC-based immersive production studio, Here Be Dragons, with the exception of episodes filmed in Antarctica that were directed by Barry Pousman and filmed by Yes Please Thank You. Emmy Award-winner Saschka Unseld was also onboard as Creative Producer.

This is just another win for Discovery Communications, Discovery VR and Google’s talented VR team, all of whom continue to support their investments with a constant stream of quality updates and engaging content. It’s especially interesting to see a VR travel series focus on unique human beings from various backgrounds. VR has already proven itself to be an excellent means of inducing empathy. Hopefully this series helps others better step into the shoes of their fellow man and gain a new understanding.

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