Explore Inside An RGB Keyboard In This Surreal Quest Game

Use “monke-like” locomotion to explore an out-of-this-world narrative VR experience.

Available now on Oculus Quest headsets via SideQuest, In SPACE no one can hear you CLICK is an experimental VR platformer that has you using exploring the inside of a mechanical RPG keyboard.

Similar to the VR multiplayer game Gorilla Tag, this narrative-driven VR experience has you navigating a variety of precarious environments using “monke-like” locomotion. Instead of teleportation or artificial locomotion, you use your powerful gorilla arms to propel yourself across a collection of scattered platforms.

Image Credit: Hollowdilnik

According to the developer, the game was created in a week for the 2021 Epic MegaJam, this year’s theme being “Running out of space.” The game has since received some additional polish in the form of locomotion updates and various other improvements.

“Monke locomotion is surprisingly tough to get right! This is our second take, have ironed out a lot of bugs since our previous (arguably more exciting) game. Now to add support for moving platforms, physics, and different surface properties for ultimate platforming experience in VR!,” said the developer in a Reddit post.

“Personally, I believe monke locomotion has tons of potential. I can easily see it becoming one of the main VR locos with its immersiveness. Yeah, VR stuff can be real tricky to make. I hope you get back to it someday.”

Image Credit: Hollowdilnik

The objective of the game is to enter an experimental keyboard and test keys you come across along the way before escaping through the spacebar. The dream-like environments pair nicely with the “monke-like” locomotion mechanics, allowing you to hop from platform to platform with your incredible gorilla strength. Be prepared, however. ISNOCHYC is one trippy VR experience.

In SPACE no one can hear you CLICK is available now as a free download on SideQuest.

Feature Image Credit: Hollowdilnik

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