Experimental Physics VR Game Boneworks Launches December 10th, New Gameplay Footage

Stress Level Zero’s highly-anticipate physics-based shooter arrives next month on PC VR headsets.

Earlier this year, Stress Level Zero (Hover Junkers, Duck Season) teased an upcoming physics-based puzzle-shooter hybrid called Boneworks that promised to make incredible use of Valve’s grip-sensitive ‘Knuckles’ controllers. Since then the developer has released a series of video updates providing insight into the progress of the game, generating an impressive amount of buzz in the process. Yesterday, Brandon Laatsch — creator of Stress Level Zero — posted a tweet stating the company would be announcing the game’s official release date alongside a brand new gameplay trailer on November 8th.

This morning the developer delivered on that promise, confirming an official December 10th release date for the experimental immersive experience. 

Set within the ‘mind’ of Monogon Industries’ artificial intelligence operating system, Myth OS, the sandbox-based experience tasks players with navigating dynamic environments, engaging in physics-based combat, and solving a variety of complex puzzles using a host of tools and weapons, including guns, blades, experimental energy weapons, and anomalous physics weapons.

Using Valve’s force-sensitive Knuckles controllers, players can engage with tools, weapons, and the environment any way they’d like as opposed to automatically snapping to pre-determined positions. A realistic IK body system adds to the immersion further by giving the player limbs that bend and react to movements in a more realistic manner. (no manner of the dreaded “constipation walk.” The experience will also support Oculus’ Touch controllers, though you’ll definitely want to use the Valve Index controllers if at all possible. 

At OC6 this past September, Stress Level Zero announced that they are also in development of a different VR game for the Oculus Quest set within the Boneworks universe. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of what could potentially be VR’s first major original franchise.

Feature Image Credit: Stress Level Zero

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