Exercising Becomes A Little Easier With This Augmented Climbing Wall

From exciting multiplayer games to helpful climber training applications, this 21st Century rock wall could finally make the gym fun.

Developed by Finland-based startup, Augmented Climbing, the futuristic Augmented Climbing Wall uses a smart combination of depth sensors, an advanced projector and proprietary computer vision technology to deliver highly-interactive augmented reality experiences controlled entirely by player motion. The results are some of the most exciting uses of AR and projection technology seen in the last couple of years. Whether you’re following a plotted climbing course or battling your friend in a round of Climball, users must use their entire bodies to control the experience. Making this as much a workout as it is a gaming experience.

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With several different programs and games readily available, the Augmented Climbing Wall appears to have something for everyone. If you’re looking for a competitive multiplayer experience, you and a buddy will definitely want to jump into a game of Climball. Shown being played in the video above, Climball appears to be a ‘pong-style’ game in which players bounce the ball between each other using their bodies as paddles. The program should be a great way to stretch before a workout, as players will have to quickly extended every hand and leg in order to block the ball from getting past them.

For more of a solo gaming experience, you’ll want to check out the maze-puzzler, Sparks. My personal favorite out of the group, Sparks requires you to remain inside constantly moving shapes composed of pulsing electrical currents. Players can hold on to the wall anyway they like so long as they remain inside the area and don’t touch the electrical current. Search through an array of dynamic levels with varying difficulty or create your own using the Augmented Climbing Wall software. Not your cup of tea? For a classic carnival experience try Whack-a-Bat. This game, also a single player experience, is more-or-less a vertical rendition of ‘Whack-a-Mole’ except the mallet is replaced with the users hands and feet. Competitive leaderboards and customizable difficulties makes this a fun time for any age group.

On top of all the games and entertainment this incredible device provides, it also serves as an invaluable learning tool for climbers of all skill levels. With an impressive program entitled Augmented Problems, climbers use a touchscreen computer to create their own climbing routes based on their personal body-type and skill level. A video feedback system can then transmit life-size video of previous climbs directly on the wall for reference. This means climbers can follow along with previous climbs and even race their past selves.

Want to try out the Augmented Climbing Wall yourself? Use the map provided here to check for locations near you. For more information on how to purchase your own wall, head to to receive a quote.

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