Everything We Know About Boneworks Creators’ Next Game: Bonelab

Stress Level Zero returns with a new physics-driven adventure for VR headsets.

During today’s Meta Gaming Showcase, developer Stress Level Zero, creator of the hit physics-driven VR game Boneworks, has returned with new information regarding its next project, Bonelab. Coming later this year to the Meta Quest, this physics-driven action-adventure game utilizes the same core gameplay and interaction engine as Boneworks.

In this realistic first-person experience, you’ll explore a mysterious underground laboratory as you seek the truth surrounding your twisted “reality.” Based on the trailer provided, it looks as though we can expect plenty of physics-based fun as we run, shoot, and climb our way through a variety of bizarre locations inhabited by equally bizarre enemies. Look closely and you’ll spot the recognizable MythOS logo in the background, the same mega corporation from Boneworks.

According to Stress Level Zero, Bonelab will feature support for mods, allowing players to create their own content to play and share. No word yet on the extent of the games’ modding capabilities. Here’s hoping we’re able to create and upload our own maps and game modes. After all, we’ve seen how impactful player-created content has been for games like Half-Life: Alyx.

Bonelab is scheduled to launch on Meta Quest and Meta Rift headsets sometime this year. No word yet on pricing. For more information on all of the announcements from today’s Meta Gaming Showcase visit here.

Image Credit: Meta

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