Every VR Game Announcement From The Meta Gaming Showcase 2022

Catch up on all of the exciting announcements from this year’s show.

The 2022 Meta Gaming Showcase is officially in the books. The annual event is always an exciting time for VR gamers, and this year’s online showcase was no exception. Today’s show offered updates on long-awaited titles such as Among Us VR and surprise announcements like Red Matter 2.

If you missed today’s excitement, have no fear. We’ve gone ahead and gathered every announcement from today’s show into one handy-dandy list. Here’s what you may have missed:


Originally teased last month, NFL Pro Era is the first NFL-sanctioned game for VR headsets. In this immersive football simulator, you’ll step into the cleats of a professional NFL quarterback and lead your team to victory on the field. You can even play catch with your friends in your favorite NFL stadiums.

Among Us VR

We first caught wind of a VR remake of developer Innersloth’s social deduction game last year. Since then it’s been radio silence from the team. Today we learned that Among Us VR will be coming to Quest headsets by the end of the year. This information lines up with a recent leak that hints at a potential December 13th release date.

Red Matter 2

2018’s Red Matter was a largely slept-on mystery sci-fi game with captivating visuals and an intriguing storyline. Red Matter 2 picks up right where the original left off and will take players on a journey across the solar system. Developer Vertical Robot promises a more ambitious adventure with new tools, improved gameplay, and even better visuals, which is a little hard to believe considering the first games’ jaw-dropping graphics.

Espire 2

The original Espire featured a unique combination of stealth-based gameplay and cinematic storytelling. Espire 2 promises even more action as you embark on a dangerous mission to prevent the launch of an untraceable doomsday device. There’s also a separate co-op campaign featuring familiar locations from Espire 1.

Moss: Book II

The sequel to 2018’s VR platformer, Moss: Book II launched on PlayStation VR last month, offering console VR players another thrilling adventure set throughout a variety of fantastical environments. The sequel features new weapons to master, enemies to battle, and puzzles to solve. Today we learned that Book II will be coming to the Quest 2 this Summer.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Episode 2

Arguably one of the best VR action-adventure games available at the moment, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners has you battling hordes of flesh-hungry zombies throughout post-apocalyptic New Orleans. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution will have you returning to the streets for an even deadlier adventure when the game launches on Quest 2 headsets later this year. Check out the trailer above for a first-look at the action.


RUINSMAGUS is a narrative-driven adventure game that will have you working your way up from a novice wizard to an all-powerful, spell-wielding Magus. There are 26 quests in total, each of which features a full voice cast that includes Naomi Ohzora, Ai Maeda, and Eiji Takemoto just to name a few. The game launches later this year on Meta Quest 2 headsets.

Cities: VR

Cities: VR brings the magic of City: Skylines to VR. You can craft and maintain your own intricate city and explore your creations from the streets or zoom out for a God-like perspective. As your city grows you’ll need to maintain order by building necessary social services, establishing various transit options, and more. Today we learned that Cities: VR will be launching on Quest 2 headsets on April 28th.

Resident Evil 4 – The Mercenaries

Resident Evil 4 VR offered one of the best single-player VR experiences of 2021. This past November we heard rumblings about a potential return of The Mercenaries, a bonus game mode that launched with the original game back in 2005. In this timed mini-game, players rack up points by taking down enemies before an evacuation chopper arrives. Today we learned that The Mercenaries game mode is available as a free update for Resident Evil 4 VR owners today. As in right now!

Beat Saber – Electronic Mixtape

Everyone’s favorite VR rhythm game continues to deliver as developer Beat Games rolls out music pack after music pack. This month the company released a Fall Out Boy music pack featuring a handful of 2000’s hits. Today Beat Games announced the Electronic Mixtape, an upcoming music pack featuring songs from iconic electronic artists like Deadmau5, Marshmello, Pendulum, and more.


After long-last, we finally have new information regarding developer Stress Level Zero’s (Boneworks, Hover Junkers, Duck Season) next project, Bonelab. Built using the same core gameplay mechanics and physics-driven interactions as those featured in Boneworks, Bonelab will have players embarking on a brand new adventure set throughout a mysterious underground lab. The game will even support mods, allowing players to create their own content to play and share.

Untitled Ghostbusters VR Game

Meta wrapped up its show with a surprise appearance from Zuckerberg himself, who took to the virtual stage to reveal a new VR game based on the beloved Ghostbusters franchise. While we still no little about this mysterious ghost-hunting experience, the trailer hints at multiplayer support. Ever since we tried The VOID’s location-based Ghostbusters VR game back in 2016, we’ve been hungry for more VR ghost-hunting content. Hopefully, this upcoming title scratches our itch.

New Quest Home Environment

It wouldn’t be the Meta Gaming Showcase without at least one freebie. This year Meta is offering a brand new Home environment for Quest headsets. Simply head to the Personalization tab in your settings menu to locate the new Crystal Atrium environment.

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