Every Free Quest Drop Revealed During Quest Day

The first official Quest Day featured everything from VR pet accessories to Quest-based cooking utensils.

Today was Meta’s first-ever Quest Day, an annual celebration of all things Meta Quest. As part of the festivities, Meta took to Instagram Live throughout the day to hand out a variety of free goodies to those tuning in. Unfortunately, these products were available on a first come first serve basis, which means they’re already long-gone.

The party kicked off this morning with a brief introduction of DR. 6DOF, creator of Reality Labs and host of today’s virtual shindig, before launching into an outrageous showcase that included a variety of ridiculous products; some fake, others very real. The following is a list of actual Quest accessories currently on their way to select players.

Image Credit: Reality Labs

Pet Distraction Mat

Shaped like the iconic Oculus logo, the Pet Distraction Mat is a silicone food dish designed to keep your pet busy while you explore the metaverse. No longer will you have to worry about accidentally stepping on your furry friend while immersed in VR. The mat even comes with some all-natural treats safe for both pups and felines.

Unfortunately, like all the products featured on this list, the Pet Distraction Mat was “sold out” within seconds of going live on the Quest Day website.

Image Credit: Reality Labs

Quest Cookie Cutter Kit

What better way to celebrate the holidays than a plate of chocolate chip cookies shaped like your favorite VR games? The Quest Cookie Cutter Kit comes with a total of four VR-inspired cookie cutters: the puffy jacket from Population: One, a cube from Beat Saber, the Meta Quest logo, and a Quest 2 headset, which—up until a few minutes ago—I thought was a pumpkin.

Too bad the delicious baking kit is already “sold-out”. Here’s hoping we start seeing some clever “alternatives” on Etsy sooner than later.

Image Credit: Reality Labs

Quest-Lete Grippy Socks

There’s nothing riskier than playing VR games on a slippery surface while wearing socks. Okay, maybe a few things, but it’s still risky! Meta’s custom ankle socks feature Meta Quest logo-shaped grips designed to keep you in place while you play. No longer will you have to worry about slipping and sliding during an intense VR workout or losing your balance while engaged in a virtual firefight. The Quest-Lete Grippy Socks promise comfort and style.

Unfortunately, these tactical VR socks have long since sold out.

Image Credit: Reality Labs

Beat Saber Ugly Sweater

Arriving just in time for the holidays, the Beat Saber Ugly Sweater is a great way to stay cozy while showing your love for Beat Games’ popular VR rhythm game. The warm-looking top features several rows of red and blue cubes lined up like holiday ornaments.

Sadly, this too is out-of-stock.

Image Credit: Reality Labs

Barclay Manor Gingerbread House

Arguably the strangest drop of the day, this elaborate gingerbread house is modeled after the creepy Barclay Manor featured in the unsettling VR horror game Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife. Each “ginger-mansion” was custom designed by Meta. The result is an unsettling, yet surprisingly festive look.

Naturally, the custom-made ginger-mansions sold out shortly after going live on the website.

Image Credit: Reality Labs

Lil’ Questy

Who saw this coming except everyone. The second we were introduced to Dr. 6DOF’s adorable sidekick I knew we could expect some sort of Questy plush. And sure enough, the company delivered. The final drop of Quest Day 2021 was Lil’ Questy, a bite-sized toy version of the soon-to-be-beloved Quest 2 mascot. Much like its “real-world” counterpart, Lil’ Questy features a bright smile, two little chicken legs, and zero arms.

If I were a betting man, I’d put good money on Lil’ Questy being the most popular item of the day. But, then again, I’m a sucker for adorable humanoid VR headsets.

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Feature Image Credit: Reality Labs

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