Epson Adds Two New AR Smart Glasses To Its Moverio Lineup

Epson’s latest wearable devices can connect to your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Epson already has a solid lineup of AR smart glasses with their Moverio series, each designed for enterprise use. That lineup is about to get larger with the addition of two new next-generation AR glasses, the Moverio BT-40 and BT-40S.

Much like the company’s earlier Moverio BT models, the BT-40 and the BT-40S feature a slim binocular display allowing users to see and interact with the AR content. They also feature a similar design that—while not quite as bulky as the HoloLens 2—definitely appear more futuristic than conventional glasses. This, however, is where the similarities end.

Both the BT-40 and the BT40S each feature improved Si-OLED technology with full HD 1080p displays, offering a wide 34° eye-level field-of-view in high resolution. That’s like viewing a 120” screen from a distance of 15ft; not bad considering the overall size of both devices.

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Each headset will also come equipped with USB-C connectivity, making it easier for you to connect your Moverio headset to devices such as your smartphone, tablet, and computer. Everything is managed through Epson’s Moverio Link app, available free on the Google Play Store.

When it comes to comfort, both the BT-40 and the BT40S use flexible temples that can be adjusted for various-sized noggins, along with optional nose pads. There have also been key improvements to weight distribution. As if that weren’t enough, both headsets feature hand-free navigation, allowing users to browse through AR content with ease.

The two new headsets also offer a 500,000:1 contrast ratio, meaning any unused display space will appear transparent; an improved design will give you a glasses-style form factor and optional dark shades. With all of these updates combined, you’ll be able to personalize your experience with the BT-40 and BT-40S, allowing for longer, more productive sessions.

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As for the pricing, the BT-40S costs a bit more but comes with a few additional features. Primarily an Intelligent Controller running Android 9.0 that supports Google Mobile Services (GMS). The controller, which has an integrated touchscreen, customizable user interface, expandable memory of up to 2TB, has been designed for a large range of commercial applications.

The controller includes a slew of other features as well, such as built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, a compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, 13-megapixel AF camera, flashlight, noise-canceling microphone, audio jack, and a high-performance rechargeable battery with up to five hours.

This would allow you to operate your smart headset in nearly any professional environment, from a loud construction site to a corporate office.

In terms of explored applications, Epson has already partnered with a variety of market leaders on a wide range of projects, from drone FPV with DJI and tourism with McLaren F1 Tour to subtitling and translation with the National Theater in London, currently available for all performances. And this is just the tip of the iceberg for Epson and its lineup of AR devices.

Image Credit: Epson

In an official Epson press release, Remi Del Mar, senior product manager, Digital Experiences, Augmented Reality and Commercial Display Solutions, Epson America, Inc said, “With over 10 years in the AR market and its long history in the projector segment – having delivered high-performance optical engines and impeccable color production – Epson is bringing that same legacy to this next generation of Moverio smart glasses.”

“These new Moverio models bring advanced image quality in a binocular display with improved comfort and wearability to the rapidly increasing markets where we are seeing AR adoption grow, including industrial field service and front-line applications such as remote assistance and accessibility usage scenarios. As a pioneer in this space, we look forward to seeing how these new smart glasses are implemented by customers.”

Epson’s Moverio BT-40 and BT-40S AR headsets are available for pre-order now and will be available for purchase on Amazon and through Epson’s distribution in Q2 for $579 and $999 respectively. For additional information, visit

Feature Image Credit: Epson

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