Use Your Enemies For Ammo In Good Goliath, Coming To Major VR Headsets Spring 2020

Take on colossal giants across numerous cartoon-style levels in this comical VR beat-em-up. 

Indie game developer Knock Twice Games today unveiled Good Goliath, a new tower-defense-style VR beat-em-up that has players taking on the role of a storybook giant on the receiving end of an all-out attack by hordes of tiny invaders and gargantuan bosses. 

Over the course of the 12-level campaign, players will go head-to-head against wave after wave of miniature invaders, using everything from tiny enemies to the environment itself to fend off attacks. Split into several unique biomes—including Medieval, Pirate, and Hell World—players can use anything they grab as a weapon, from pitchforks and barrels to wagon wheels and cannonballs. Each level will feature its own unique set of challenges, enemies, and special objectives to complete, as well as a handful of secret levels and hidden treasures that can be used to further customize the experience. 

As previously stated, the enemies themselves can be used as ammunition. Whenever any of these little ankle-biters ventures too close, simply snatch them up off the ground or in the middle of the air and toss them back at their friends for additional damage. Ve sure to keep your head on a swivel though, as multiple enemies will be hucking all types of projectiles that you’ll need to dodge.

(Image Credit: Knock Twice Games)

Not all of these miniature figures will be hostile, however. Keep your eyes open and you just may catch a glimpse of your friendly neighborhood baker carrying life-saving confectionaries. 

In addition to smaller enemies, players will duke it out with a handful of mini-bosses as well, including a magical pyromaniac and boulder-tossing giant, as well as enormous final bosses, such as a twelve-story Kraken as well as an evil-looking king. Defeat all of your enemies while avoiding enough damage and you’ll unlock the coveted golden trophy. 

“With wave-based tower defense gameplay where players are the tower, catch and dodge pitchforks, barrels, and other weapons as they are launched even grab some of those tiny villagers out of the air as they launch themselves and use them to knock out their friends!,” states the company in an official release. “Battle armies of bitty foes, formidable mini-bosses, and colossal monsters as you play this arcade-action experience. From castle mountain tops, shark-infested pirate islands and creepy caverns, unleash the powerful thrill of being giant in Good Goliath.”

Good Goliath launches on SteamVR, Oculus, and PSVR later Spring 2020. No word yet on an official price. 

Feature Image Credit: Knock Twice Games

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