EmuVR Light Gun Update Lets You Play Multiple Shooters At Once, Because Why Not?

Dual-wield a pair of ‘Pretendo’ Zappers in this upcoming PC/console VR emulator. 

Originally announced back in 2017, EmuVR is a VR emulator that allows players to upload ROM files of their favorite old-school games and relive their childhood from the comfort of a customizable bedroom ripped straight from a cliche 90’s film. This includes everything from classic systems such as the Commodore 64, Atari 5200, and Sega Genesis, to more “recent” platforms — including the PSP, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and everything in between. 

Earlier today, developers expanded EmuVR’s lineup of 70+ gaming platforms further with the addition of classic light gun gaming, finally allowing us 90’s brats the chance to relive countless hours spent pointing plastic weaponry at television screens. 

Available now as part of EmuVR’s ongoing closed beta test, this latest update opens the doors for a sizable catalog of new titles, including such classics as House of the Dead, Duck Hunt, Area 51, Time Crisis, Point Blank; virtually any arcade light gun game you can manage to find a ROM of. Users can even dual-wield a pair of light gun controllers for a truly-realistic arcade experience. This can be especially advantageous when playing multiple light gun games at one time, something that’s apparently possible to do in EmuVR. 

In a video posted earlier this week to YouTube, EmuVR developers showcase several new additions to the experience as part of the Light Gun update, including Western-inspired gun spinning, dual-wielding, a new Fall season aesthetic, as well as “multi-track shooting,” which allows users to play multiple light gun games on different monitors simultaneously. In the video, a developer can be seen playing Duck Hunt, Time Crisis, and the original House of the Dead at the same time; and while the results are, uhm, mixed, it’s still an interesting demonstration of EmuVR’s impressive capabilities. 

Image Credit: EmuVR

Along with the various features listed above, EmuVR also includes Netplay functionality — allowing players to call friends over to their rooms in VR and pass them the controller for a classic “local” multiplayer gaming experience. There are also multiple VR environments, cross-platform play between PC and VR, classic video game magazines, 80s – 90s television streaming, and numerous other nostalgia-inducing features. 

EmuVR currently has no set release date, though the developers promise the experience will be free during and after its launch. EmuVR will not be providing the games, however; users will need to provide their own ROM files in order to play. Although at this point it should go without saying, users should only download ROM files of games they have already purchased. 

Those interested in participating in the free closed beta test can sign-up here. After submitting your request, expect to wait anywhere between “a few hours to a couple of days” for confirmation, at which point you’ll be invited to join the EmuVR Beta Discord Community and given access to the latest EmuVR build.

Feature Image Credit: EmuVR

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