Election Day: A Brutal Trump V. Hillary Tilt Brush Masterpiece

Perfectly capturing the election day tone in this Tilt Brush 3D portrait.

To say the last couple months of election coverage have been rough is an understatement. This has arguably been one of the ugliest presidential elections in the history of the United States. People are divided, threats are being made based on the outcome and the public is heading to the polls to vote for two people they never wanted in the first place. Two incredibly controversial figures who are locked in a bloody, intense battle for the keys to the White House. YouTuber and VR artist 3Donimus definitely agrees with this analogy based on his beautiful 3D portrait, Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump – Presidential Election.

Designed on the popular art & design app Tilt Brush for the HTC Vive, the explorable 3D piece features both presidential nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, locked in a vicious primetime boxing match. Despite featuring two very unappealing models, it’s incredibly well done and features an impressive amount of detail. Everything from Hillary’s unsettling scowl, to Donald’s confusing chest hair is included. As you can see in the video, fireworks explode in the background as you stand in the ring with the two contenders. This is perhaps one of the most well-made pieces of art made in Tilt Brush so far.



All joking aside, today is an incredibly important day if you’re an American citizen. So if you’re willing and able, please go make your voice heard. I know the choices may not be appealing, but going out and contributing is still just as essential as ever. And of course no matter who you choose, please remember that we’re all in this together. Whatever happens the next couple weeks, we’ll all be dealing with the consequences no matter who we ended up choosing. So please respect each others decisions, because at this point all we can do is just try and move forward, together.

Image screenshot credit: 3Donimus

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