Echo VR Roadmap Teases Upcoming Open Beta For Oculus Quest

Echo Games reaches out with some much-needed updates.

During E3 2019 VR developer Echo Games revealed the team would be releasing its popular zero g multiplayer sports game Echo Arena on the Oculus Quest sometime within the next several months. Nearly a year later and Quest users are still awaiting the arrival of the standalone port.

This week, Echo Games offered a much needed update on the progress of Echo VR on Quest, including a roadmap breaking down several upcoming testing phases which will conclude with an open beta free to all players.

“While we continue testing Echo VR on Quest with the community, we wanted to explain in more detail our testing phases so that players could better understand when they might receive an invite,” states the team in an official release.

Testing has already begun with the first closed alpha test group, which consists of both competitive and casual LEVEL 50 players. The team will be rolling out invitations periodically to those selected. The second closed alpha will add select players between the levels of 5 – 49 to the existing group, allowing the team to stress test public matches. It’s for this reason private matches and rematches will be temporarily disabled.

Following the closed alpha phase will be a closed beta adding those who’ve already signed up for testing. It’s at this point players will be granted access to the entirety of Echo VR; the lobby, tutorials, player vs. A.I, etc. This is also the phase where Echo Games will begin testing cross-play between Rift and Quest players. Once the closed beta finishes, the team will open up access to any and all Quest players looking to participate. More information on this phase will be revealed in a future Dev Log.

As for specific dates, there really aren’t any. The team will instead move from one phase to the next once they feel as though testing has gone well enough.

Image Credit: Echo Games

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