Get In The Holiday Spirit With Echo VR’s Halloween Bash Event

Turn off the lights and get ready for some spooktakular VR eSports

Halloween is just around the corner, which means so is the inevitable tidal wave of seasonal themed updates for some of our favorite games. Naturally, established AAA titles, such as Overwatch and Rocket League, have already begun rolling out their Halloween themed cosmetics and events to their player bases.

Ready at Dawn is also offering their own Halloween themed event for their growing Echo VR universe, the “Echo VR Halloween Bash.”

Beginning today, players will login to find a haunted rendition of the Echo VR Lobby filled to the brim with unsettling props and spooky decorations.

This includes everything from a Frankenstein-esque laboratory featuring electroshock therapy equipment, to a haunted graveyard lobby peppered with the decayed remains of half-buried Echo units. Last years giant witches cauldron also makes a return, once again allowing players to toss in various ingredients, including each other, for a ghastly concoction.

Players who complete a match of Echo Arena can unlock exclusive Halloween customizations for their Echo units, along with a Pumpkin Cube Sat for your Oculus Home.

Last years Halloween Bash allowed friends to interact with a variety of spooky props, such as giant Frankenstein Monster gloves and spooky skulls. Based on the video provided, it appears as though Ready at Dawn is double down on this years efforts to truly embrace this years festivities.

Echo VR’s Halloween Bash 2018 runs now until November 1st. Echo VR is available for free on the Oculus Rift and features both Echo Combat, a well as Echo Arena.

Image Credit: Ready at Dawn

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