E3 2019: Budget Cuts 2 Announced, Arrives Later This Year

New levels, new gadgets, new possibilities.

Neat Corporation, the developer behind Budget Cuts, has announced a sequel to its popular satirical stealth-based VR adventure experience as part of a new partnership with Fast Travel Games.

In Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency players once again go toe-to-toe against the ruthlessly-efficient Transcorp, providing an epic conclusion to your long-fought battle against the evil mega-conglomerate.

Here’s what you can expect upon your return to the world of Budget Cuts 2:

“TransCorp is about to optimize humanity out of existence, and you must find a way into the belly of the beast to stop their vicious budget cuts. Fight your way through a multitude of new environments and robotic enemies; find new tools and allies along the way. Put an end to the notion of ultimate efficiency before it puts an end to us.”

Image Credit: Neat Corporation, Fast Travel Games

Based on the trailer, players can expect the usual helpings of stealth-based movement, teleportation, and gratuitous knife-throwing they’ve come to expect from the Budget Cuts universe. It also appears as though we’ll have access to a new weapon that converts the standard throwing knives into a bow and arrow-style device that extends the distance of your shots, opening up even more possibilities for quietly dispatching your autonomous foes.

Image Credit: Neat Corporation, Fast Travel Games

According to UploadVR, Budget Cuts 2’s biggest improvement over the original comes in the form of enhanced AI. Enemy combatants no longer awkwardly bump into each other or the environment, making the moments where you must sneak by guards undetected all the more thrilling.

Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency arrives on SteamVR sometime later this year. No word on an official price.

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