E3 2018: ‘Prey’ DLC Adds VR Single Player & Multiplayer Content

Bethesda announces two new VR game modes as part of their ‘Mooncrash’ DLC out this summer.

Bethesda is on a roll this year. The company slayed their E3 press conference with multiple high profile reveals, as well as continued support for some its best pre existing titles. This includes big changes to first-person survival horror Prey in the form of Mooncrash, a brand new DLC adventure that not only introduces a brand new protagonist, but three new game modes as well.

Two of these new modes introduce VR to the Prey experience for the first time, offering players an action-packed multiplayer experience or a puzzling solo adventure. The first, Typhoon Hunter, is a competitive PvP-style ‘prop hunt’ game in which one player must survive an onslaught of shape-shifting mimics hidden throughout the environment. The human player, as portrayed by the games main protagonist, Morgan Yu, must stay on their toes in order to avoid being taken out by these crafty opponents who are capable of hiding in plain site.

Then there is the second VR mode, TranStar VR – a single player experience similar to that of your average puzzle room where players are tasked with solving a unique set of mysterious puzzles within the Talos I space station. Not much else is known beyond the style of play and setting, but you can be sure Bethesda has a few secrets hidden throughout this seemingly simple game mode.

Both of these immersive new game modes will be available for free later this summer as part of the official Mooncrash DLC update and Prey: Digital Deluxe which are available for download and purchase now on PS4, Xbox One and Windows.

With VR support for Fallout 4, Skyrim and Doom already out in the wild with support for Elder Scrolls: Blades on the way, there’s no doubt Bethesda is all-in with VR. One can only hope we continue to see continued passion for the immersive technology in the companies future AAA titles. Elder Scrolls 6 VR anyone?

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