DVE’s Holo-Podium Turns Regular Video Calls Into Holograms

DVR’s holographic meeting experience offers glasses-free augmented reality communication.

DVEholographics, a longtime provider of holographic co-working solutions, today unveiled a brand new holographic meeting experience that removes the need for professional production studios and expensive projection technology while—at the same time—offering high-quality hologram images compatible with existing telecommunication services, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex.

Built using the companies HDR (high-dynamic range) transparent direct view technology, DVE’s DV (direct view) ‘Holo-Podiums’ offer professional clients a streamlined hologram solution that can be operated in a variety of professional work environments. Whereas DVE’s original technology required clients to book time in their dedicated production studios, these Holo-Podiums can be operated everywhere from small offices and meeting rooms to larger conference centers with minimal set-up.

DVE’s Light Mesh technology in action. / Image Credit: DVEholographics

“For many years we have licensed our Light Mesh projection hologram videoconferencing system to clients around the globe,” said Steve McNelley, CEO of DVEholographics in an official release. “Yet, we knew our clients wanted brighter, more compact, mobile, and thin display systems. In response, we have been issued extensive landmark patents in transparent direct view displays. Now see-through tiny pixels of emitted light enable stunningly bright and clear 3D appearing images of people transported into the room. Glasses-free augmented reality communication is now a reality. Anyone from their home or office can transmit live during a video call their images and appear as a hologram at any one of the potential 25,000+ global co-working locations.” 

DVE’s HDR transparent displays remove the need for large, cumbersome projectors, dim lighting, and custom backgrounds to allow for convenient glasses-free augmented reality (AR). One of the most exciting aspects of the technology, however, is its compatibility with existing video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Meetings, Webex, and DVE’s own 4k video service. While there have been numerous attempts at popularizing hologram technology within the business sector over the past few years, many of these solutions failed to achieve mainstream adoption, mainly due to the technology’s high price of entry and accessibility (or lack thereof).

“For many years we had dedicated studio rooms at shared office working sites and it was a frustration for speakers to book and visit the locations,” added McNelley. “What we needed was a way to empower users familiar with videoconferencing apps to instantly call in from home and remote offices and be seen as live holograms at our co-working partner sites around the world. Now the possibilities to connect people in stunning and new productive ways is a reality. Hundreds of millions of people with video apps can rapidly produce themselves as holograms using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and DVE’s 4K video service and appear at co-working meeting rooms and event spaces equipped with DVE’s holographic displays.” 

Holo-Podiums compact design and integration with existing telecommunication platforms could be exactly what the holographic technology market needs to finally establish a permanent foothold within the business sector.

Those interested can book an appointment at DVE’s demo facility in Newport Beach, California. For more information on the companies holographic technology visit here.

Feature Image Credit: DVEholographics

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