Duck Hunt Just Went VR

If you need a healthy dose of nostalgia packaged in newfangled VR tech, look no further. Duck Hunt, one of the most iconic and beloved video games in history, just got reimagined in VR.

As you can see above, players can dive into total immersion to take out ducks in all their 8-bit glory, with things kicked up a notch or two. The classic NES Zapper is a fine piece of machinery, but Distraction Lab, who produced the game over a couple days, have equipped users with more sophisticated handguns to address the increased quantity of birds. And best of all, there’s a modern twist in store that’s sure to get a rise out of old and new audiences alike: grenades.

As you might expect, the response has been enormous. Upon discovering this updated gem, some users were keen to discover just how similar it was to the original arcade version:

Though Distraction Lab did look into the possibility, the added grenade functionality left them feeling like that particular feature might be taking it a bit too far:

You can read more about the making of this VR demo here.

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