Dreamscapes Latest 4D VR Experience Is An 8-Person Dragon Flying Simulator

Team up with friends on a daring rescue mission in DreamWorks Dragons Flight Academy.

Arriving at Dreamscapes flagship Century City location Friday, December 13th, DreamWorks Dragons Flight Academy is a multi-person location-based free-roam VR experience in which teams of up to eight players take the reigns of their very own dragons in order to complete a daring rescue mission deep within the “Hidden World.”

Players begin the experience in the village of Berk, a humble settlement shown throughout the films that’s located at the very top of the cliffs overlooking North Seas Island. Here, Vikings and all manner of dragons coexist peacefully, save for the occasional attack by roaming dragon poachers. While training at the world’s first dragon flight academy, your lesson is suddenly interrupted when a band of invaders begins attacking the village. Teaming up with your fellow classmates, you must then embark on a daring rescue mission that will take you and your band of rookie riders deep into the bowels of the Hidden World.

Image Credit: Dreamscape, Dreamworks Animation

There, you and your comrades must work together while avoiding dangerous obstacles, such as flaming arrows and collapsing ice caverns, to complete the mission and save the village from annihilation.

“At Dreamscape, our goal is to create the ultimate immersive experiences that allow our customers to enter into, and in this case fly into, worlds that they never dreamed possible,” stated Walter Parkes, Chairman of Dreamscape and Producer of DreamWorks Dragons Flight Academy, in an official press release. “In working with DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon film trilogy, we are turning the audiences into the star of their own movie adventure. No longer are audiences just watching Hiccup and Toothless take on a group of ruthless poachers, but now, audiences can fly alongside them on their very own dragons as they protect the Isle of Berk. We are excited to introduce audiences to this unprecedented full sensory experience of becoming a dragon rider.”

“DreamWorks Dragons Flight Academy brings together the film trilogy’s best-in-class storytelling and memorable characters with a unique interactive experience that will leave a lasting impression with new and existing fans alike,” added Christina Lee Storm, Producer of DreamWorks Dragons Flight Academy, DreamWorks Animation. “The thrilling adventure will bring guests to new heights in a fun, wondrous way that will inspire repeat visits.”

Originally founded in 2016, Dreamscapes flagship Los Angeles location has seen a regular amount of traffic from visitors looking to immerse themselves in one of the location-based providers three 4D VR experiences. This past August, the company opened its second location at Dallas’ NorthPark Center in collaboration with AMC Theaters, with several more locations scheduled to open in Columbus, Ohio and the New York/New Jersey metro area over the next year.

Similar to various other location-based entertainment providers, such as The VOID and Two Bit Circus, Dreamscape adventures combine VR with various haptic feedback technology to create next-level immersive experiences. This included immersive elements such as different smells, real-life wind, touch haptics, hand and finger tracking, and various other enhancements.

If you happen to find yourself in LA or Dallas within the next couple of weeks, advance tickets for Dragon Flight Academy are available now over at

Feature Image Credit: Dreamscape, Dreamworks Animation

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