Drake’s Extravagant New Mansion Is Now A VR Experience

‘Drizzy Manor’ takes you on a tour of the hip hop superstars new home because YOLO.

Based on various schematics and blueprints made available through public domain, Toronto-based VR studio OPIATS has begun constructing a virtual reality rendition of Drake’s incredible new $35 million home. The immense 21,000 square foot castle will include a regulation size basketball court, a lavish pool, a 34-meter driveway for several luxury cars and a spectacular kitchen, all of which are painstakingly-captured in Drizzy Manor.

Rendered 100% in real-time using the  Unreal Engine 4, this VR experience takes users on a stroll through a 3D model of the rappers new palace, giving you a small taste of how the better half live.  

“This project is just an example of use-cases for video game engines like Unreal Engine 4, and the power of Virtual Reality, placing people in extraordinary situations and places that they wouldn’t otherwise get to enjoy,” OPIATS states on their site. “Unlike other architectural visualization studios, OPIATS is all in on VR, and believes it to be an amazing medium that we are completely dedicated to developing for. As such, we’re making this scene available to users and have already started the process to launch it on Steam, Oculus Home, and Viveport.”

Currently the project is only avilable for Windows (Linux support on the way) or via a less immersive browser tour, however OPIATS has already confirmed the release of a full virtual reality game experience for Steam, Oculus Home, and Viveport that will allow players to enjoy some of the mansions fun amenities. The studio has an impressive collection of activities already planned, but is also open to any fun ideas from the public as well.

Here are a few of the planned interactive features coming to the experience:

  • Pilot a drone around the property.
  • Playing basketball on the OVO themed court.
  • Recording tracks in the basement studio.
  • Working out in the gym.
  • Playing darts & pool in the rec room.
  • Riding a hoverboard around the property.
  • Being able to hop into and customize any of the exotic cars out front.
  • Customizing the furnishings and materials in all of the rooms.

According to the official release by OPIATS, Drizzy Manor will serve simply as a “test-bed” for future virtual reality projects by the studio, allowing them to experiment with new gameplay mechanics before full implementation. The company hopes to further demonstrate the many use-cases for virtual reality when combined with video games and the Unreal Engine.

Whatever their intentions, I just want to thank OPIATS for giving me the opportunity to hoverboard around Drizzy’s place while staring at Rihanna portraits and blasting Passionfruit. Dreams really do come true.


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