Go Super Saiyan With New Dragon Ball Z VR/AR Experience

A new app, custom headset, and hand sensors let you channel your inner Goku and unleash the Kamehameha.

There are few moves more iconic than Goku’s infamous technique, the ki blast aka the Kamehameha. The powerful energy attack has delighted Dragon Ball fans for years quickly becoming one of the most easily-recognizable fighting moves in all of entertainment. Now all us wannabe Saiyan’s finally have the chance to step into the pointy shoes of an intergalactic warrior with a brand new virtual and augmented reality app.

BotsNew Characters VR Dragon Ball Z is an interesting new experience that utilizes a combination of virtual and augmented reality to let you fly around the world of DBZ, practice martial arts with Goku, blast real-life items around your home and even scan the power levels of others around you. The experience comes with a sleek, Capsule Corp-themed head-mounted display for your smartphone, a Dragon Ball Z VR mat and two unique hand sensors that translate your movements in VR. This allows you to control your movements while flying around the colorful scenery or put your wrists together to perform special attacks. I’d say check out the official video for more information, but it’ll probably just make you even more confused:

The VR kit is set to release in Japanese stores this coming June for 12,000 yen ($110 USD). No word yet on an official U.S release, but if you’re feeling impatient you could just pick-up the standard Botsnew VR headset and slap some Capsule Corporation stickers on it. A little uninspired, but definitely cheaper than importing.

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