Dr. Seuss’s AR Alphabet App Lets Kids Direct Their Own Seuss-tastic Adventures

Dr. Seuss Enterprises’ first AR experience exposes a new generation of users to the legendary children’s author. 

Available now on compatible iOS devices, Dr. Suess’s ABC – An Amazing AR Alphabet! brings the instantly-recognizable characters and heart-warming themes featured throughout the Seussian universe to AR for the first time, offering younger users the chance to create and enjoy their own augmented adventures.

Based on the bestselling book Dr. Seuss’s ABC, the education-focused experience guides kids through the entirety of the English alphabet, from A to Z, while using a variety of Dr. Seuss characters to help keep them entertained as they work on developing their reading comprehension skills. Some of these characters include Aunt Annie’s Alligator, David Donald Doo, Fiffer-Feffer-Feff, Little Lola Lopp, Vera Violet Vinn, Young Yorganson, and Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz, just to name a few.

(Image Credit: Dr. Seuss Enterprises)

Developed by UK-based creative innovation studio Sugar Creative using Unity’s MARS extension, the app features several different educational game modes to choose from. Story mode takes kids on an educational journey throughout the entire alphabet. Along the way, they’ll bump into several animated characters brought to life in AR. Afterward, they can revisit specific chapters to continue interacting with their favorite characters and moments. Equally as exciting is the inclusion of a sandbox mode which allows users to design their own adventures using any of the animated characters provided, a feature 5-year-old me would no doubt obsess over.

“Digital media and AR technology can be a powerful tool for supporting young children’s learning, so we are looking forward to offering families this new opportunity for interactive play,” said Sugar Creative Managing Director Jason Veal in an official release. “Dr. Seuss’s ABC – An Amazing AR Alphabet! App invites kids to create unique and hands-on learning experiences every time they play.”

The first in a series of educational experiences and apps being developed by Sugar Creative, Dr. Seuss’s ABC- An Amazing AR Alphabet! launched this Monday, just in time for Dr. Seuss’s birthday. 

(Image Credit: Dr. Seuss Enterprises)

“Dr. Seuss’s ABC – An Amazing AR Alphabet! app is an exciting way to ignite young imaginations through interactive play with the creative stories and beloved characters both kids and parents love,” added Dr. Seuss Enterprises President Susan Brandt. “We are thrilled to launch the app just in time to commemorate the annual Dr. Seuss’s Birthday holiday.”

“Dr. Seuss Enterprises is committed to offering best-in-class experiences parents and educators can trust and embracing emerging technologies that bring Dr. Seuss’s books to life like never before while also creating meaningful storytelling and learning experiences for children. Together with Sugar Creative, an innovator in immersive AR technology, we’re excited to celebrate reading and bring Dr. Seuss’s stories to life in a new way with Dr. Seuss’s ABC – An Amazing AR Alphabet! App.”

Dr. Seuss’s ABC – An Amazing AR Alphabet! is available now on all up-to-date iOS devices for the low, low cost of just $0.00.

Feature Image Credit: Dr. Seuss Enterprises

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