Weekend Downloads: New Content for Samsung Gear VR


Weekend Downloads is part of our weekly update to bring you the latest additions to the Samsung Gear VR. This week we get a mix bag of treats. Everything from a game, interactive art, 360 photography, and even a medical surgery filmed live for your weekend downloading pleasure.

So for all you Gear VR owners out there, a little something for everyone to check out from this week.

Get ready to snap in your phone scouts!

This Week’s New Gear VR Content (4/15/16)


Tomb of the Golems ($4.99)
Play as Sydney as you search Egyptian ruins for your lost brother. Fight the gods and their servants as you struggle to survive and escape in this game developed by GREE, Inc.


Spectacle ($0.99)
The latest app addition from the folks over at Cubicle Ninjas where you can see the world with fresh eyes using Spectacle. Apply amazing effects and 100+ unique filters to your view of reality. Capture what you see with the built-in camera and share it with friends on Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instant Message, or Email.


Zen Parade (FREE Demo)
From the Academy Award winning visual effects pioneer, Kevin Mack of Shape Space VR, this experience was featured at our VRScout Art Show. Zen Parade is a journey through a surreal world of living sculptures – an immersive art experience that can be enjoyed anytime to relax and rejuvenate. Shape Space VR uses spatial presence and the science of perception to engage the imagination, inspire wonder, and enhance well being.

The app can be downloaded for free and provides a thirty second preview. A $4.99 in-app purchase unlocks the full five minute audio-visual journey through a surreal world of living sculptures – an immersive art experience that can be enjoyed anytime to relax and rejuvenate.


Mativision and Medical Realities have joined forces to bring the “VRinOR” app to life. This educational app opens the doors of a live three-hour operation performed by Dr. Shafi Ahmed. You can read more about the livestream here.

WARNING: This app contains live video of medical procedures, including blood and surgery. Users are advised to exercise discretion. Not suitable for children. Ages 17+.


Window to the World (FREE)
The latest concept addition from developer Aurel Manea Productions, Window to the World was created as a way to express photography as close as possible to the actual moment of capture, about the moment when reality and photography converge. If you are into photography, this is a must-see.

You can also check out last week’s new Gear VR content here.

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