Nintendo Labo VR “Remake” Of ‘DOOM Eternal’ Is Adorable

How a creator by the name of @MrTiffles developed his own squeaky clean version of iD Software’s ultra-violent first-person shooter.

Last March, critically-acclaimed video game developer iD Software (Wolfenstein, Quake, Commander Keen) released its latest title, DOOM Eternal, on Nintendo Switch consoles, offering players what could easily be considered the most violent experience available on the popular hybrid console to date. That being said, wouldn’t it be neat to experience that same action-packed gameplay in immersive VR?

Thanks to the tireless work of a Twitter user going by the name of @MrTiffles, now you can. Well, sort of.

Powered by the Nintendo Labo VR, a DIY cardboard-based accessory kit for the Nintendo Switch, Mr Tiffles’ VR rendition looks almost like a prototype of the original game, minus the excessive amounts of blood and gore. In a video posted to YouTube by the creator, you can catch a glimpse at several recognizable weapons from the blood-soaked 2020 shoot-em-up, including the classic sawed-off shotgun and devastating chaingun. Mr Tiffles also appears to have spent time replicating some of the games’ fast-paced player movements, including the ability to boost and double jump around enemies.

Speaking of enemies, this VR remake ditches the Hell Knights and Mecha Zombies in favor of uncomfortably aggressive chibi robots, though at this point I can’t tell which version is more terrifying. While Mr Tiffles’ VR rendition may lack the gruesome visual elements made famous by the long-running series, the project itself serves as an excellent example of the tremendous creative potential afforded by the Nintendo Labo Garage.

Image Credit: @MrTiffles via YouTube

Moving forward, the creator plans on continuing the project using Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage, an upcoming educational platform for the Nintendo Switch designed to teach players the absolute basics of game design and programming using a combination of visual coding and pre-built lessons.

As for when (or if) players can expect to go hands-on with Mr Tiffles’ adorable “Doom Slayer” VR experience, only time will tell. In the meantime, you can check out the creators’ many other impressive Nintendo Labo creations on YouTube.

There’s also a great interview by GameXplain during which Mr Tiffles breaks down the development process behind the project, which—according to him—took roughly 12 hours to complete.

Feature Image Credit: @MrTiffles via YouTube

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