‘Doom 3: VR Edition’ Now Available On PlayStation VR

Rip and tear your way through id Software’s FPS classic in VR.

Today marks the launch of Doom 3: VR Edition on the PlayStation VR, offering console players the chance to experience a version of id Software’s legendary first-person shooter reimagined for VR headsets.

Developed in collaboration with Archiact, Doom 3: VR Edition features the same campaign as the original 2004 game with several additional features designed specifically for VR. Set in the year 2145, players step into the role of a battle-hardened space marine assigned to a scientific research facility located on Mars. After a failed teleportation test unleashes the forces of hell upon the sprawling complex, it’s up to you to quell the interdimensional threat and stop the army of demons from reaching Earth.

What follows is a terrifying, claustrophobic journey through a labyrinth of maze-like hallways and pitch-black facilities hiding a wide assortment of horrific creatures, from zombies and Arch-Viles to Cacodemons and Hell Knights, just to name a few.

The freedom of movement afforded by PSVR allows you to interact with weapons as well as the game world in brand new ways, whether it be peaking around corners to keep yourself hidden from enemies or dodging Wraith fireballs using some Matrix-like dodging.

Image Credit: id Software

According to the developers, each weapon has received its own unique overhaul, from higher-quality textures to new sound effects. They’ve also done away with the player interface entirely. Your ammo count, for instance, can now be found on the weapons themselves as opposed to a standard overlay. Your health status, on the other hand, can be found on your wristwatch.

Doom 3: VR Edition is available now on PlayStation VR for $19.99 and includes both campaign expansions as well as backward compatibility for PS5. There’s also support for the PlayStation Aim controller.

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Feature Image Credit: Archiact, id Software

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