‘Dome Of The Dead’ Launches On The Vulcan Holodome Platform

Team up with friends and escape a deadly bayou infested with alien-zombie hybrids.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting the famous Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, Washington, chances are you’ve come across Vulcan’s Holodome, an ‘immersive reality experience’ that uses interactive visuals projected onto a dome shell to transport users to new locations and immerse them in otherworldly scenarios.

Holodome currently offers a variety of captivating experiences to try, from Death Planet Rescue — a dangerous rescue mission to save a human mining colony from an unknown alien threat — to Seattle Seahawks: The Art of the Play, an engrossing behind-the-scenes look at Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin as he goes about his grueling routine of backbreaking workouts in preparation of gameday.

With Vulcan’s latest addition to their Holodome lineup, Dome of the Dead, users are immersed in a far more frightening experience. Developed by Endeavor One, the same team behind VR titles such as Hale: Recruit and Jump, Dome of the Dead is a four-person cooperative experience in which teams must navigate their way out of a ghoulish backwater swamp filled with alien-zombie hybrids and reach humanity’s last remaining stronghold before being swallowed up by hoards of the undead.

Vulcan’s Holodome / Image Credit: Vulcan

“Holodome technology goes far beyond games and entertainment alone,” said Tom Doyle, Co-Founder of Endeavor One, in an official release. “The possibilities for it to be used as a tool for education and enterprise are immense. Endeavor One was honored to be a part of bringing this amazing platform to life.”

It appears as though users will be equipped with custom weapon peripherals outfitted with HTC Vive Trackers, which they’ll use to fire at the various enemies projected onto the dome; sort of like a zombified version of Duck Hunt.

A backwater bayou joyride from hell / Image Credit: Vulcan

Dome of the Dead is available now until the end of April at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle Washington. No word yet on any plans for an expanded launch.

The Endeavor One team is composed of various artists, designers, and engineers from multiple high-profile organizations; from Bungie and Warner Bros., to Sony, Microsoft, and Valve. With a resume that includes projects ranging from VR, MR, and now Holodome, Endeavor One is quickly establishing itself as a company that can do it all; at least in terms of immersive content. 

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