‘Dolphin Trainer VR’ Lets You Train And Rescue Virtual Dolphins

Complete a Bachelors Degree, earn your scuba cert, and begin training your aquatic companions.

Ever dream of a career working with live animals but have mixed feeling regarding animal captivity? Dolphin Trainer VR, a new aquatic-based VR experience from developer Forestlight Games, aims to solve that conundrum, allowing you to step into the shoes of a professional dolphin trainer and put on jaw-dropping shows before setting your porpoise pals free into the wild.

Launching next year on PC VR headsets, Dolphin Trainer VR takes you through every stage of the animal training process, from earning your scuba certification to performing tricks in front a live audience. Your career begins like most others, in college.

First, you’ll complete a Bachelors Degree program and earn your official scuba certification for both open water and pool diving. Once you’re feeling properly educated, you’ll need to better familiarize yourself with the aquatic wildlife. This includes cleaning, feeding, playing, and overall general care.

You’ll then begin teaching your dolphins a variety of tricks in preparation of your first big show.

After mastering a catalog of show-stopping moves and putting on the best live performance the marine park has ever seen, you can then use your new-found knowledge and dolphin communication skills to help your friends escape captivity; the ultimate final performance.

Dolphin Trainer VR is expected to launch Q2 2021 on SteamVR headsets.

For more information on what to expect visit here.

Image Credit: Forestlight Games

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