Dolphin Image & ARwall Introduce Large-Scale AR To Hollywood VFX

Orlando-based film studio Dolphin Image closes a $2M seed funding to further develop ARwall’s motion picture effects tools.

Despite its heavy role in a vast majority of major motion picture productions, green screen technology is far from an ideal . A hefty price tag, considerable post production, and the need for a sizable amount of space makes it a fairly inconvenient methodology. Not to mention the effect it can have on the actors…

As part of partnership with LA-based technology company ARwall, Dolphin Image will begin utilizing the interactive ARFX displays as a replacement for conventional green screens with the intention of streamlining their production process. Using the companies patented ARwall Effects System, the team will be able to generate professional quality in-camera CGI effects in real-time using a single interactive “smart wall” or “virtual window.” Using tracking technology, the LED smart wall is able to alter its perspective based on the camera’s position, creating a sensation of parallax and depth.

“Hollywood is trending toward remakes and adaptations due to its inherent lack of risk,” spoke Delphino Huang, founder of Dolphin Image. “But without risk, a story loses the edge that can make it memorable.”

Here’s how it works: Users attach a tracker to the camera, as well as at least two other sensors to the set. This creates a 3D space in which the camera’s position directly affects the perspective of the scene shown on screen. For the best results, camera operators should remain within the boundaries of the sensors and maintain a constant 10-foot gap from the actual screen. This will prevent any distortions, such as moire, banding, or pitch concerns.

ARwall staff can assist creators in properly converting their preexisting assets to work with ARFX, as well as work side-by-side with a visual effects team to develop real-time scenes from the ground up.

ARFX will be used in Dolphin Image’s debut project, Hired Sword, Sucker Gun, a black-and-white steampunk-esque action film currently in pre-production.

The importance of ARwall’s ability to cut costs while saving precious time in post-production can not be overstated. The budding technology could prove immensely useful to filmmakers on a shoestring budget or behind schedule. Allowing for high quality VFX to be seen in real-time is also a game-changer for any performer looking to better immerse themselves in a role.

Of course there are a plethora of other use-case scenarios outside of film production. Interactive AR exhibits, location-based AR/VR experiences, interactive marketing, medical training, the list goes on.

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