Disc Golf Meets Feudal Japan In ‘Disc Ninja’ On Oculus Quest

Trade-in your shurikens for a frisbee in this competitive VR disc golf experience.

*UPDATE (7/9/2021) – We’ve updated the article to better reflect the current state of the SteamVR version of the game*

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed the sport of disc golf with ancient covert agents from feudal Japan? If so, then today’s your lucky day as Polish developer Immersion Games has announced that its magical VR disc golf experience Disc Ninja will be arriving on Oculus Quest headsets next month.

Originally released on SteamVR headsets back in June of 2020, Disc Ninja has you stepping into the tabi boots of a covert agent in a magical version of feudal Japan and battling other players in fantastical games of disc golf. The game features 15 maps in total, taking you across a variety of classical provinces as you attempt to complete each course using the least amount of throws possible.

Image Credit: Immersion Games

Finely tuned disc-throwing mechanics offer a realistic disc golf experience in VR, which should feel great on the Oculus Quest due to its lack of a tethered cable.

Each location features its own unique challenges to overcome, from hidden traps to multiple potential pathways. Some courses even hide secret shortcuts as well as hidden loot which can be used to unlock additional cosmetic items. This includes everything from special ninja costumes to new disc designs.

Image Credit: Immersion Games

The game features a solo mode as well as PvP multiplayer with support for up to four players, allowing you to test your skills against other ninjas for the title of best in the clan.

Disc Ninja arrives on Oculus Quest headsets on August 5th. Those using a PC VR headset can play the game now in Steam Early Access for $19.99 via SteamVR. This version will remain in Early Access after the Oculus Quest launch and continue to receive regular updates.

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Feature Image Credit: Immersion Games

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