Hunt Down Wild Dinosaurs in This Jurassic World AR Experience

Build your own collection of massive prehistoric beasts when this Pokemon Go-style app hits iOS & Android in Spring.

Nearly two years after its initial release, Pokemon Go is still as relevant as ever. The insanely popular location-based AR experience basically created its own genre in gaming, one that has since caught the eye of various other entertainment providers looking to capture that same lightning in a bottle.

And that’s the goal of Jurassic World Alive, an upcoming location-based AR experience from Universal and Ludia that tasks users to different locations in order to capture and grow their very own roster of massive dinos. Much like Pokemon Go, dinosaurs within close proximity will appear on an in-game minimap with certain types of dinosaurs appearing in specific locations (marine-based creatures near water, herbivores hidden within forests and parks). From there you can take your newly-recruited gang of ferocious beasts to battle against friends, or just kick-back and take some massive selfies.

The similarities end here however, as Jurassic World Alive begins to set itself apart with an assortment of unique, convenient features. For example unlike Pokemon Go that forces you to physically move to different locations in order to capture, Jurassic World Alive includes an in-game “drone” that scans and captures dinosaur DNA, no walking necessary. You can then use that DNA to unlock specific creatures, or if you have a bit of a god complex, combine different strands to birth your own Frankenstein-esque beast.

“There’s definitely that element of discovery, but we wanted to make it a little more flexible and also give you something to do at home,” said Chris Heatherly, Universal’s Executive Vice President of Games. “We really see this game as the future of the Jurassic World franchise on mobile. This is really the first time that we have allowed you to take the dinosaurs off the island and out of our storytelling world, and into your real world.”

“There’s a major focus in this game on the hybrids and super hybrids to create this almost infinite matrix of possibilities,” adds Ludia CEO Alex Thabet.

Jurassic World Alive will be available for download this Spring with 100 different dinosaurs available at launch. Universal and Ludia promise continued support for the app with regular updates in the form of new dinosaurs from the film as well as special “hybrid” and “super hybrid” animals.

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