Diesel Plays On Your Fear of Heights With VR Ledge Walk

This VR experience has you clinging for dear life on the side of a skyscraper.

You find yourself standing on the ledge of a New York city building, precariously perched outside as gusts of wind blow in your face. The view of the city at sunset is magnificent — then you look down. Sheer panic sets in as you realize how high up you are above the busy city streets. One foot in front of the other, you make your way down the ledge, your back pressed firmly against the exterior wall. Inch by inch as time continues to run out. You reach your hand out to grasp a bottle from the mouth of a stone gargoyle. You did it, something only the brave have been able to muster the courage before you. All for a bottle of — perfume?

This is the latest marketing campaign experience created by L’Oreal for their Diesel Only the Brave fragrance. Created in collaboration with 84.Paris and Backlight Studio, the two-minute HTC Vive simulation has you strap Vive controllers to your ankles and test your fear of heights.

Unveiled last month for the first time at Paris’ first VR conference Virtuality, the physical setup of the booth is an exact replica of the virtual simulation — it just happens to be on the ground floor. With hour-long lines during the conference, attendees only had 2-minutes to complete their daring ledge perfume grab.

With Vive controllers on your ankles to track feet, the Vive headset also had a LeapMotion sensor attached to track your hands in VR, letting you actually lean in and reach out to grasp the virtual and real bottle of perfume.

Tying back to the brand idea for Diesel’s fragrance of “only the brave,” the combination of a physical environment and realistic VR rendering, that all linked back to sensory feedback, made this one immersive experience that not everyone was strong enough to muster the courage to take the leap.

The “Only The Brave” VR experience set up will travel across Europe (malls, retailers, airports, and conferences) throughout the year to continue promoting the brand.

While VR can be an ultimate tool to help many over come their fears of heights or phobias like spiders, leave it up to marketers to tie it all back to product and brand.

Image Credit: Backlight Studio & Alexandre Sim

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