Dexta Robotics Unveils Exoskeleton Glove Designed for VR

Say hello to the Dexmo.

We’re at a very crucial point in the development of virtual reality. We have several mainstream VR headsets out in the wild and the industry is gaining major traction. Despite all the success however we still have several big hurdles we need to get over if this technology plans on sticking around. One of the biggest questions is how will we handle the controller aspect of virtual reality? We currently have several impressive options from the HTC Vive controllers, to the upcoming Oculus Touch pads for the Rift or the PSVR “pickles.” Unfortunately though these designs, while clever, will not suffice as long-term solutions for the constantly adapting VR market. This is where the Dexma Exoskeleton Glove comes in.


This mechanical device pairs with mainstream VR headsets and fits comfortably over your hand, capturing its movements with 11 degrees of freedom. Not only does it track, but each finger has its own pressure sensor, allowing a sense of physical touch when interacting with virtual objects. This is arguably the most exciting aspect of the glove as it could serve as a potential answer to haptic feedback. What does all that mumbo-jumbo mean? Basically, the glove changes its resistance to your hand and fingers depending on the object you’re interacting with. So if you’re holding a virtual rubber ducky, as done in the video above, the glove will make it slightly harder to squeeze your hand closed as you attempt to squeeze the duck. Or if you’re playing a first person shooter you’ll be able to actually feel the trigger as you pull it to fire your weapon. The opportunities are endless and could give VR that extra sense of reality that’s been missing from the current head-mounted displays, which can only provide a video and audio experience.


Unfortunately the device is still in development, which means no set price or release date. Reports from Engadget claim Dexmo is currently shopping the device to several VR developers for potential partnership opportunities, specifically those working with the HTC Vive. This means it could be some time till we hear any more news, but that’s be expected when you’re dealing with technology this game-changing. We’ll be on the lookout for the most exciting new developments in VR controllers like the Dexmo.

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