Developers Begin Exploring Magic Leap SDK

Magic Leap launches “Creator Portal” to let you start creating content.

Secretive augmented reality startup Magic Leap is finally taking its first step towards opening up their platform to outside developers. Announced today on the company’s site, developers can now explore Magic Leap’s software development kit and dive into the Creator Portal to find documentation, tutorials, and more.

Only a couple hours after the announcement, we’ve already begun to see new developers creating content with the Magic Leap SDK and Creator Portal.

One developer we spoke with has been eagerly exploring the SDK to see what’s possible. Edgar Martín-Blas, CEO of Virtual Voyagers, told VRScout he’s been excited about the capabilities of eye-tracking, hand-tracking, nine hand gesture recognition, and “the possibility of controlling the content with a mobile app.”

Aside from documentation about how to get started with the augmented reality platform in Creator Lab, you’ll also find documentation for working with the Magic Leap controller, headset features, and how to design for spatial computing.

On top of Creator Lab, Magic Leap released the Magic Leap Lumin SDK, which enables developers to start creating software before they even have a Magic Leap One headset in hand. This allows you to test apps with emulated hardware.

The release of the Lumin SDK does confirm a few thing about the headset’s capabilities that some of us have been wondering, including eye tracking, room scanning and meshing, 6DOF hand controller tracking, and Unreal/Unity engine support.

Anyone can access the Magic Leap Creator Portal and sign-up for free. Currently, Magic Leap is only accepting accounts for individuals with business account signups coming soon.

Magic Leap hasn’t announced a shipping date for the augmented reality headset, but we can expect shipments later this year. In December, Magic Leap revealed a first look of the headset.

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