Dental Surgery Now In Virtual Reality

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In what looks to be the first dental surgery filmed specifically for virtual reality, leading dental implant provider Nobel Biocare is letting fellow surgeons actually see first hand their cement-free treatment concept in action through the eyes of the surgeon.

Together with Dr. Tristan Staas from the Netherlands, this was their first foray into creating a virtual reality experience for dental professionals. Dr. Staas was the clinician filmed performing the surgery recorded live in the operating room. Dr. Staas donned a custom made 360-camera rig mounted to his head as he implanted molar replacements. A total of six GoPro’s and six microphones attached to a helmet were used to create the unique first person perspective.


The immersive surgery experience was shown off at this year’s International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne Germany, standing out amongst the other dental exhibitors throughout the show floor.

While most exhibitors had their products on display in a glass case, Nobel Biocare allowed attendees to virtually explore product functionality and step in the shoes of a surgeon placing an implant while dental assistants help by your side. The show experience was viewed in an Oculus Rift DK2 with attached Leap Motion gesture controller to navigate the user interface through hand tracking.


Surgeons who may have missed the experience at IDS earlier will be able to put on the VR surgical gloves again at symposiums and conferences Nobel Biocare will be exhibiting at throughout the year.


In a professional occupation where surgeons like to get their hands on products to understand them better, the proposition of being able to experience products in virtual reality is compelling. Above all else, the potential for virtual reality to be used as a powerful training and education tool in the future can have major impacts on a variety of industries in addition to dentistry.

Image Credit: Dr. Staas & Nobel Biocare

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