Online Multiplayer Racing Revs into Mobile VR with Demolition Derby VR

The massively popular Demolition Derby franchise is entering VR in a big way.

Mobile game developer Destruction Crew is dipping its toes into virtual reality with its latest title, Demolition Derby VR Racingcurrently available for free on the App Store and Google Play. The veteran team has already clocked over 20 million downloads of their Demolition Derby mobile games, but now they’re shifting gears by taking it to virtual reality for the first time—and they’re going full throttle by including real-time online multiplayer functionality so you can race other players around the globe. That’s right. Multiplayer virtual reality racing. On mobile VR.


Demolition Derby VR Racing starts you off in your own personal virtual garage. From there, you hop straight into an online multiplayer derby and duke it out with other drivers in thrilling PVP, or refine your skills by going head-to-head with AI racers in offline mode. As you gain experience you’ll earn XP and badges which are then available to view in your garage. These serve as trophies, marking important milestones on your road to racing fame and glory. The gameplay is tight, the head-tracking is responsive, and the multiplayer is impressively stable.

“We wanted to give our players a VR experience they could enjoy with and against others online, in real-time,” said Destruction Crew Creative Director Nick Timmer. “The immersiveness of VR and the knowledge that you are actually wrecking another person with a VR headset makes it so much more fun.”

Demolition Derby VR Racing is currently only compatible with HMDs that support Google Cardboard, but the developer has already stated that support for additional platforms and controllers will be coming in 2017.

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