Demo Video of Samsung Gear VR rink Hand Motion Controller

Last week, we revealed that Samsung would be showing off their new ‘rink’ hand-motion controllers designed specifically for virtual reality headsets like the Gear VR at CES.

The ‘rink’ hand-motion controllers are the latest project coming out of Samsung’s R&D program called Creative Lab (C-Lab). Although Samsung did share some photos of the hand-motion controller system last week being used with a Gear VR headset, there were little details surrounding the actual technology being used or demoed.

Now a new video of the ‘rink’ Gear VR accessory has surfaced on Samsung’s Official Newsroom YouTube account.

With the YouTube video title and description written all in Korean, the translation and video introduction would appear to make this a legitimate demo video of the Gear VR rink “hand-operated controllers,” possibly uploaded ahead of schedule by accident.

The brief 1-minute demo video shows two hands being tracked in a virtual space and interacting with elements in headset. The first demo shows the hands manipulating virtual elements in what appears to be Tony Stark’s lab. The second demo segment shows the user shooting blasts from their hands to hit flying targets in the sky. And the third segment shows a user interacting with a giant virtual wall of photos, as if the user was browsing photos from Flickr or Instagram that are sorted by color.

We will continue to update this story as we learn more.

Image Credit: Samsung YouTube

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