‘Demeo: Realm Of The Rat King’ Free Update Now Available

The first expansion introduces new locations to explore, enemies to fight, and abilities to harness.

This week developer Resolution Games (Blaston, Angry Birds VR) returned with the first major update for its VR dungeon-crawling game, Demeo.

Available now on Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and SteamVR headsets for $29.99, Demeo is a turn-based VR dungeon crawler in which players team up to battle a never-ending onslaught of horrific monstrosities as they explore nightmarish labyrinths in search of gold and glory. This addictive fantasy RPG combines classic tabletop mechanics with the immersiveness of VR to offer a truly unique multiplayer VR experience guaranteed to please any Dungeon & Dragons fan.

Whereas the first campaign, “The Black Sarcophagus,” had players battling unholy armies throughout an Elven Necropolis in a quest to defeat the Mad Elven Queen, the first expansion, “Realm of the Rat King,” takes you on a down and dirty journey through a monster-infested sewer system to rid the unsuspecting town of Sunderhaven from a grisly infestation, all of which culminating in a final boss fight against the titular Rat King.

This free update introduces a new sewer system environment that’s as creepy as it is difficult to navigate. Around each shadowy corner lurks a potential threat, which means sticking together as a party is absolutely essential for survival. In addition to the aforementioned Rat King, you’ll come across several new enemies as you make your way deeper into this foul-smelling hell. This includes the new Spore Fungus, a gross-looking creature filled with dangerous amounts of poison, as well as the new multi-headed Gorgon, which can turn you into solid stone.

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Thankfully, the expansion introduces several cards you can use to battle these new threats. The Antitoxin, for example, is the perfect answer to all of your poison-based woes. Applying this ability to your character makes them invulnerable to poison damage for three turns; an especially useful item to have while exploring these deadly sewers.

There’s also the Web Bomb, a new ability that allows you to trap enemies in place, as well as the Torch, which can be used to illuminate certain portions of the map to better track enemy movement. While these may sound like small additions, veteran dungeon crawlers understand just how important these updates are to the overall experience.

Image Credit: Resolution Games

“The best part of playing tabletop adventures with your friends — other than tackling the forces of evil together — is knowing that there are always more adventures waiting just around the corner,” said Tommy Palm, CEO and co-founder of Resolution Games, in an official release. “We’re committed to bringing that same promise of ongoing fun to Demeo. ‘Realm of the Rat King’ is just the first addition of many new adventures we have in the works. We’ll be introducing more magic, more mayhem, and even more heroes over time for players to party up with and plumb the VR depths.”

Demeo: Realm of the Rat King is available now as a free update to existing players. You can pick up Demeo on Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and SteamVR headsets for $29.99.

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Feature Image Credit: Resolution Games

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