The DecaGear 4K SteamVR Headset Sounds Too Good To Be True

Pressure-sensitive controllers, hip and face tracking, all for just $459?

Earlier this month, Singapore-based Deca announced the DecaGear, a PC VR headset boasting some pretty incredible features for a suspiciously low price.

Available now for preorder, the DecaGear features 2,160 × 2,160 (4.6MP) per-eye resolution at 90Hz, two inward-facing cameras allowing for face tracking, four-camera inside-out tracking, hip tracking provided by the DecaMove attachment, pressure-sensitive controllers similar to that of the Valve Index, IPD adjustment, and support for SteamVR; all for the price of just $450. That’s a remarkably cheap price tag considering what’s being offered.

In an update made earlier this month by Or Kuntzman, founder and CEO of Megadodo Simulation Games and self-proclaimed entrepreneur, the DecaGear 1 is a PC VR headset with HP Reverb visuals aimed specifically at the multiplayer crowd. The facial, hip, and finger-tracking promises more natural interactions and a broader range of expressions. In his update, Kuntzman claims that Valve assisted with the integration of SteamVR as well as providing additional technical support.

“We’ve had frequent help from the Valve team with SteamVR integration and some aspects of the system’s development (thanks Valve),” states Kuntzman. “Whether or not a game implements the Deca SDK to support its unique features, users can still do anything they would with any other VR system.”

This week UploadVR reached out to Valve, who confirmed their involvement with the upcoming headset:

“While we did not work with DECA on the design, we did – as we always always aim to – provide technical support on SteamVR integration, etc. We’re excited to try this headset when it becomes available,” a Valve spokesperson wrote in an email.”

While speaking to RoadtoVR, Kuntzman commented on the secrecy of the project and the ensuing skepticism:

“There are many people being skeptical about a company that suddenly comes out with a product—out of nowhere, especially a VR headset. We also contributed to the overall skepticism with a stupid mistake with our facial tracking video where Kelly is narrating [video here], we’ve decided to add an opening which was shot much later than the actual in-game part, it didn’t match perfectly and it now invites some legitimacy concerns.”

DecaGear 1 is available now for pre-order and is scheduled to launch in May 2021. For more information visit

Image Credit: Megadodo Simulation Games

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