Some Beautiful Maniac Is Remaking Death Stranding For The Oculus Quest

No word yet on whether or not you’ll be able to pee Monster Energy drink.

Released last November for the PlayStation 4, Hideo Kojima’s next-generation walking simulator Death Stranding proved to be one of the most interesting as well as divisive games of 2019, earning mixed reviews from both players and critics for its unique albeit often-frustrating gameplay. That being said, wouldn’t it be interesting to see how the experience would translate to VR? No? Well too bad!

Developed by animator, video producer, and graphic designer Taylor Caudle a.k.a. “King Ceryn,” Death Stranding VR is a fan-made remake of the original 2019 game reimaged for the Oculus Quest. Built from the ground up in Unity using custom models crafted in Blender, Caudle’s reimagining appears to include many of the same gameplay mechanics and objectives as featured in the original, all centered around the protagonists effort to reconnect humanity after a cataclysmic left the entire Earth infested with nightmarish creatures that exist in a realm between life and death.

Saddled with various life-saving goods and resources that must be delivered to specific settlements, you’ll use numerous tools and equipment to traverse the unrecognizable hellscape that is now the United States.

Based on the trailer, you’ll have access to ladders and zip lines you can use to help you more easily navigate precarious environments, as well as powerful weaponry for your inevitable conflicts with the BTs (Beached Things). 

The visuals look rough and the gameplay simplistic; regardless, the footage we’ve seen so far is blowing the minds of users desperate to get their hands on this ambitious fan-creation. No doubt zip-lining through canyons will be an extremely fun activity in VR as will scaling cliffsides and balancing on ladders.

Caudle states in a Reddit post that the entire experience took around 80 hours to complete (respect) and will soon be available as a free download users can sideload to their Quest headsets. No doubt Kojima Productions would be less-than-thrilled to hear about a free remake of their game being distributed, so I recommend securing your copy quickly when it releases. 

You can check out more of Caudle’s work over at, including what is easily the coolest video resume I’ve ever seen. 

Independent creators like Caudle are proving to be an increasingly-influential presence in the VR scene, especially when it comes to the Oculus Quest. Fan-made creations like Pokemon VR, Half-Life VR, and Quake VR are breathing new life into old classics, introducing a new generation of younger players to histories most important titles as well as showcasing the incredible potential of VR technology.

Image Credit: Taylor Caudle aka King Ceryn

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