Deadmau5 Shares Mysterious VR Project Being Developed With Unreal Engine


In a video posted to Instagram earlier this week, Grammy-nominated DJ/producer Deadmau5 teased a new VR project being developed alongside game art studio Upsurge Studios and game technology studio Geodesic Games using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

Throughout the 30-second clip we catch a glimpse at what appears to be some sort of futuristic club environment featuring walls of colorful strobe lights and towering video screens. Filling this otherworldly venue are several dancing mau5 people, a cow, and what appears to be a digital representation of the artists now-famous cat, Professor Meowingtons.

18 seconds into the video you can spot what appears to be a menu wheel tied to the left hand of the player. On it are several options, including “System,” “Snapping,” “Modes,” and “Gizmo.” Whether players will be able to customize their experience remains to be seen; it’s entirely possible this clip was taken by the team while in developer mode.

As for what this experience will entail, your guess is as good as mine. No doubt there will some sort of musical element involved. Perhaps Deadmau5 is teasing the launch of his own VR-based live performance platform akin to that of Sansar or Wave. The EDM legend has already performed live for a VR audience back in 2016 as part of a collaboration with Absolut Vodka.

No word yet on when we can expect to learn more about this mysterious virtual endeavor.

Image Credit: Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman)

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