Google Announces 6DoF Controller Devkit, ‘See-Through’ Mode For Daydream

Dual 6DoF motion controllers and a brand-new ‘See-Through’ AR mode make their way to the Lenovo Mirage Solo.

The Lenovo Mirage Solo is a solid standalone VR headset. While not the most comfortable option on the market, its ability to provide immersive, 6DoF experiences minus the need of a beefy gaming PC makes it an attractive option for anyone looking to experience mid range VR on a budget. 

Interestingly enough, however, the Mirage Solo’s single motion controller only supports 3 degrees of freedom, remaining more-or-less attached to the motion of the VR headset. It’s not exactly an immersion-breaker per-say, but it’s definitely a noticeable limitation while in-game.

In an effort to better perfect the Daydream experience, Google recently announcement an experimental 6DoF motion controller devkit designed specifically for 6DoF headsets operating on the Daydream platform, which currently consists of solely the Mirage Solo. Doubling the single controller system incorporated by current Daydream headsets, the kit provides two 6DoF capable motion controllers, as well as a tracking faceplate for the headset itself.

Along with 6 degrees of freedom, other new additions include a responsive trigger input, as well as a customizable grip button. Of course these experimental new controllers feature offer the same functionality as its 3DoF counterpart, such as a clickable touchpad, a dedicated app button, and a Daydream button for accessing the dashboard or recentering the view.

Along with this new hardware comes a brand new headset function Google refers to as “See-Through Mode.” Opening up use of the Mirage Solo’s dual forward-facing cameras, See-Through mode is, well, exactly what it sounds like. Employing the use of Google’s powerful Worldsense technology, users are able to view the real-world through the headset via augmented reality, allowing them to spectate and interact with reality in real-time.

Due to the lack of 6DoF functionality on both the Daydream View and View 2, the experimental controller devkit is currently available exclusively on the Lenovo Mirage Solo. Devkits have already begun rolling out to developers, but those interested can request their own by filling out the this form

Image Credit: Google AR & VR

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